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About Us


Quality Customer Service, Compassionate Care

It's not all about pipes... Our store was established to provide quality products at an affordable price! We offer free and honest advice on the available cannabis treatments! Our staff greets you with compassion and friendliness whether you're there for accessories or advice.  Our mission is to provide you the truths on an alternative, natural way of healing without using industrialized pharmaceuticals. 


Cannabis and Healing

We offer advice on the various online resources that are out there for you to learn and research for yourself the broad array of cannabis services that are geared to address illnesses and injuries. 


Our Promise to You

In order to provide our guests with the highest level of care, our goal is to create a comfortable experience when you come in! For some, smoke shops are regarded as dark or dirty and we hope we can help change that image! Change people's minds that head shops are very taboo etc...


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Cannabis Treatment


The active component of the marijuana plant, cannabinoids, have shown to inhibit tumor growth and kill cancer cells in lab testings. We work with a number of patients who use cannabis to treat their cancer and suppress it's side effects. 



Medical marijuana contains antispasmodic qualities which relax muscles and has shown to be an effective treatment for seizures. Marijuana oils that are rich in cannabidol (CBD), are the preferred method for treatment.


Chronic Pain

Patients who suffer from chronic pain caused by diabetes, cancer, MS, HIV, and other diseases have been turning to medical marijuana as a way to treat their pain without the use of addictive pharmaceutical medications. 

Our Team


Aileen Diaz

Co-Owner and Co-Founder of the Smoke Bodega! I am here to serve you and get you the help you need and just feel good! Spent the last 20 years working in various roles in technology! Now I am done working in Corporate America where the bottom line is more important than the lives affected by big company decisions. Right now I just want to help as many people as I can and educate them!


Lidiana Diaz

 Co-Owner and Co-Founder of the Smoke Bodega! I have a background in nursing! Spent 12 years in the nursing career, I have a passion for helping those that can't help themselves or have no voice. I enjoy helping the local rescue and foster and nurse small animals in my spare time! 


How We Can Help You Today?

Hold your hand through the process of getting your Medical Marijuana Card! From introducing you to the Dr to getting relief FAST! We carry the strongest CBD available! While you wait to get your card, we provide relief to you through our knowledge and expertise of our CBD products. Come in today and talk to anyone of our trained staff and get feeling better today! Jaw dropping instant pain relief with our 2500mg CBD Tinctures and 5000mg CBD Vape Juice. Topical CBD creams for those aching nagging muscles or tendinitis! CBD edibles from 100mg - 1000mg gummies, cookies, honey, coffee, tea and protein shakes!!! 


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We are here for you!

Please feel free to contact a member of our staff directly with any questions, comments, or  inquiries you may have.  We can get you seen right away with  Hempology Life LLC. to connect you with a Medical Cannabis Certified Medical Professional and to get your Medical Marijuana Card!  Online ordering is available and we take phone orders too! Want to Skype or FaceTime? No problem! We can schedule Face to Face web chat sessions to pick out your accessories & supplements if not local! We ship nationwide!

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